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What is a Food & Beverage Minimum?

A Food & Beverage Minimum is the minimum spending amount that you must reach in order to use your selected room. All Food & Beverage that you purchase for your guests will apply towards your minimum, including but not limited to: appetizers, plated meals, buffets, late night buffets, champagne toasts, wine with dinner, bar programs (with the exception of a cash bar).

Will my Ceremony Fee apply towards my Food & Beverage Minimum?

Only Food & Beverage applies towards the F&B Minimum, so the ceremony fee does not apply. However, food & beverage consumed at the ceremony site would apply.

Are there any room rental fees?

Sirocco does not charge room use/rental fees. In order to use our facilities you must simply meet the minimum spending requirement for the room that you select.

What are Cash Bars and Host Bars?

A Cash Bar is when a guest pays for the full price of their drinks. This is the only bar type that would not apply to the Food & Beverage Minimum.
A Host Bar is when the host pays for the full price of the guests’ drinks.
Other bar programs, such as Twoonie Bars and Ticket Bars, are also available.

Does Sirocco set up and take down my decorations?

Sirocco will set up all items required for event service, but does not set up or take down your decorations. Your decorating team will have access from 8am on the day of the wedding to set up the ceremony & reception space, which must be removed by 2am.

Are there any decoration restrictions?

You may decorate your ceremony & reception space however you would like, provided that there is no damage to the building (ie. holes in the walls). Candles are allowed as long as the top of the flame does not extend beyond the votive.

Does Sirocco have an in house pastry chef?

Sirocco does not have an in-house pastry chef to create cupcakes or wedding cakes. You are more than welcome to bring in cupcakes or wedding cakes from outside pastry chefs. If you would like Sirocco staff to cut, plate, and serve a cake at your wedding, a $3 cake platting fee will be applied.

Can I bring in confectionery from outside vendors?

Yes, any edible items that Sirocco does not offer in-house can be brought in from outside vendors, including candy buffets, macaron towers, and wedding cakes.

Can I hold a ceremony at Sirocco, but not a reception?

Our ceremony sites are reserved for couples who are holding their reception at Sirocco, and so we do not offer the use of our ceremony sites without a reception.

What happens if I plan an outdoor ceremony, and then it rains on my wedding day?

If you have planned an outside ceremony and the weather is poor during the week leading up to your ceremony, our Events Manager will discuss ceremony plans and alternatives with you no later than 24 hours before the planned ceremony time. If you decide to move your ceremony inside, and the outdoor ceremony site had not been set up, then only indoor ceremony site fees would apply.

Does Sirocco have an outdoor microphone and speaker system for your officiant at the ceremony site?

Sirocco does not have an outdoor microphone and speaker system, but you are welcome to rent one to set up at the Hilltop Ceremony site.

Does Sirocco have an officiant?

Sirocco does not have an in-house officiant, but has strong relationships with a number of wonderful commissioners that we would be happy to recommend.

What kind of music is allowed at the Hilltop Ceremony Site?

The ceremony site is located next to our golf course, and so out of respect to golfers we ask that only unplugged music be played at our outdoor ceremony site. A small amp for harpists, guitarist and keyboardists is permitted, provided they play a quiet and limited set.
DJ’s are not permitted at the Hilltop Ceremony Site.

What is a SOCAN Fee?

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) is a not-for-profit organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of millions of Canadian and international music creators and publishers.

By law, permission to publicly perform music is not automatically granted when you purchase CD’s, mp3’s, or subscribe to online music services. A SOCAN license gives you the freedom and flexibility to use virtually any music you want for your business or public event – legally, ethically, and easily. Without SOCAN, you would have to get permission and negotiate a royalty with every songwriter, lyricist, and music publisher whose work you intend to play at your wedding.

The SOCAN fee for music played without dancing is $29.76. The SOCAN fee for music played with dancing is $59.16. Sirocco does not profit from SOCAN fees.

Are there any additional fees that I should know about?

Sirocco does not have any “hidden fees”, the use of linen, Audio Visual Equipment, service staff, and the like is included with our venue.

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